Marka is a document preparation tool built on top of Pandoc that i developed over the course of 3 semesters of university work and for home-typesetting of books. It is designed to work for more advanced documents than Pandoc, while still requiring as little LaTeX as possible. This is achieved by adding the ability to combine multiple Pandoc-markdown documents like what is normally done with LaTeX, while adding many extensions to normal markdown.

The tool was also designed to be easier to work with than standard Pandoc, by having automatic inclusion of bibliographies, disabling some of the Pandoc-defaults that undo the nicer defaults of LaTeX for scientific papers and things like automatic rerendering to make the user experience better.

Marka was developed while using the tool, so it is very tuned to be user-friendly for the people i was working with, who had not used Pandoc extensively, and should thus be easy to use for anyone getting into writing in Markdown instead LaTeX.