Solar Sailors


In a universe, where wooden ships is the best way to roam the galaxy, and buried treasures of long dead pirates orbit uncharted stars, 3 people have set on a journey, to find the biggest treasure ever lost in space.

In Solar Sailors, 3 players are put in charge of a wooden sailing ship, in an area of space filled with pirates and rivaling treasure hunters looking for the same legendary treasure. The players will need to navigate by map, man the cannons, stop the fires, open and close the sails, steer the ship and keep a lookout for enemy ships and planets.

Solar Sailors is a game all about cooperation, and everything in the game is made with that in mind. The original project goal, set up by the school, was to create a game targeting the social gamer. This was done by creating an environment, in which cooperation is the only way to succeed for the players and by avoiding creating reasons for 2 players to blame the third player for failure

Solar Sailors is a game, that was made by 10 students from GameIT College, over the course of 2 months.


Hans Christan Laursen Leth

Mathias Birk Olsen


Daniel Svendgaard Åhman Hansen

Sebastian Hjorth Hyberts

Frederik Harpøth Træholt Andersen

Kasper Leiszner

Simon Vinberg Andersen


Rasmus Steen Øster Kristensen

Mikkel Max Carøe Mikkelsen

Mark Giese Striegler


Simon Vinberg Andersen

Mathias Birk Olsen