Sonica is a music system for parties designed to fix 2 big annoyances with current music systems for me: the total lack of Free Software options and people not queueing music but just replacing the currently playing song.

The system uses a client-host architecture, with the host playing the music and many different clients being able to connect to the host and queue music. This also means that people do not have to use the same device for queuuing and limits can easily be set to how much each client can change the queue.

The system was originally a combined player and client based around a chat-bot, but the second generation was created as a client-host architecture communicating with gRPC. This has some limitations, so together with Julian, i designed a new bidirectional communication protocol that can replace gRPC.


Simon Vinberg Andersen

Mathias Knøsgaard Kristensen

Felix Cho Petersen

Sebastian Hjorth Hyberts

Julian T