Reactive Input/Output States


Rios is a reactive programming language for programming embedded devices like the popular Arduino platform. It is based on automata-theory and treats the device like a big state-machine with edge definitions and rules for a given state.

The second-generation compiler is being written in Rust by Sebastian and is available at GitHub.

Rios was originally created as a fourth-semester project by Software undergraduate-students at AAU. The original compiler was written in Java that was transpiled into Arduino code, which was then compiled to AVR-bytecode by the Arduino compiler. This resulted in code runnable on Atmels AVR-platform. The goal was the Arduino platform, and many of the Arduino examples were translated into Rios code, which could be compiled and uploaded to Arduino devices.


Ingo van Duijn


Simon Vinberg Andersen

Sebastian Hjorth Hyberts

Mathias Knøsgaard Kristensen

Simon Svendsgaard Nielsen

Felix Cho Petersen

Shahab Shajarat