Air-hockey Robot


The air-hockey robot is a project about creating a goal-keeping robot for air-hockey, so it could be used as a platform for a fully fledged air-hockey player. The project was achieved through model-driven development via UPPAAL Stratego. The air-hockey game and robot was modelled via networks of hybrid timed automaton. Multiple controllers was modelled and results was gathered by querying the UPPAAL SMC verifier.

After finding the theoretically best performing controllers, we implement the three best controllers and gather data about the implementations performance. The results did not match up, so the model was adjusted to fit the real world better and the implementations flaws were fixed, making the model and implementation match.


Peter Gjøl Jensen


Simon Vinberg Andersen

Sebastian Hjorth Hyberts

Mathias Knøsgaard Kristensen

Simon Svendsgaard Nielsen

Felix Cho Petersen

Shahab Shajarat